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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bills STINK!

Every month as I'm writing out checks and clicking online payments I grit my teeth and take a moment to think about how much of my hard-earned money I am saying good-bye to. If someone else paid my bills for just three months, I could easily take the vacation I've always wanted and do several projects that I've been putting off for lack of liquid capital.

How many people do you know aren't up to their ears in bills every month?

Well the good news is that cam sympathize with us! With their Debt Sweepstakes they are offering $10,000 toward paying off the winners' debts! Think about how WONDERFUL it would be to finally be rid of the student loans. Or what about getting rid of the credit card that has been charging your ungodly interest rates? Or how about paying off a big purchase like your car or boat?

Are you thinking about it?

Don't forget, you can enter twice a day for this sweepstakes. Just a few minutes for a chance at financial freedom? I am so there.


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