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Friday, December 16, 2011

Is a Free Sweepstakes?

Is really free? The simple answer is yes. We have never charged a fee to enter and we never will. Free Sweepstakes are preferable because they attract the largest audience and do not exclude anyone. Rich or poor, big or small, all can get an entry to win the grand prize.

Although other sites may require you to click on an advertisement or join a service in order to get an entry to win, will never do that. We prefer our members to enjoy a site without being forced to do anything they don’t want to and we also prefer our advertisers to get traffic from visitors that want to go there and enjoy what they do.

Even though we are a free sweepstakes we are still advertising based. That means that the advertisements you see on the site are what gives us the ability to offer a prize. All advertisements and entry form offers you see are made so that they can be skipped so you can get your entry to win our Grand prize.

The entry form is right on our first pages and in two minutes you can enter your info and receive an entry to win $2,500.

To Enter the's Win $2,500 Cash Sweepstakes visit today.


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